Spring 2022

In the Vineyard

This spring has been a bit of a roller coaster—first we had some later-than-usual rains (although not enough to make much of a dent in the drought), then a heat wave, then a cold snap, and now it is back to “normal” but with more heat predicted.  The grapes are doing just fine out there, lush and green and growing like mad, despite the weather whiplash.

Grapes beginning to emerge on the vine

The main thing I’ve noticed, is that even though, if you average out the temperatures, it’s pretty much business as usual out there, we haven’t had much in the way of fog so far this season.  This time of year is usually notable for the “June Gloom,” which refers to the fog off the Pacific Ocean moving inland overnight, then slowly burning off back to the coast around midday.

This daily cycle will probably get going later in the summer as we move toward “Fogust.”  In the meantime, we are watching the grapes begin to size up.  Flowering was not interrupted by the late rains, so fruit set looks nice.  I’m looking forward to a good sized as well as good quality crop.  We got water on early, getting the vines started strong, and so will probably have to apply less later in the season.

In the Winery

In the cellar, the 2021 red wines, which are totally off-the-hook in terms of quality, are nearing the end of their barrel aging period.  We will be getting all of them but the Cabernet Sauvignon ready to bottle in the weeks before harvest, which means one final rack on the Zins, Syrah and Press Release.  The new Wildcat Mountain Pinot Noir is everything I’d hoped it would be, and then some, so get ready!